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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week at a glance..

The American Cancer Society graciously sponsors a workshop which provides tips and makeup to promote "Feeling Good" during cancer. The best part of the workshop was that Amy went with me!

The week leading up to my next treatment was filled
with kindnesses that made the anxiety tolerable. This note arrived in the mail with a new hat from my sister Linda.

The beaten up, weathered bench that sits outside my front door has been the recipient of more gifts, flowers, goodies, and love than one heart can hold. Many, many a night as I have come home with the heaviness of fatigue or uncertainty weighing me down this little bench has held messages of love and hope to lift my load. This week was no exception.
The night before Chemo, my girls decided to have a
sleepover at my house. This has to be one of my
favorite pictures...the "tickle train." No one loves having their backs tickled like my children. They sit in front of each other, and tickle each other's back. Then they rotate. Any anxiety
I was feeling dissapated in their giggles and laughter.

This chemo treatment found me surrounded by Katie, Travis, Angie, Sophia, and Amy. I know this isn't an easy thing for my children to watch. It isn't an easy thing for me to watch them watching me however, their courage and love resonates throughout the process. Travis was greeted by baby Sophie with a unwelcome surprise...Katie the baby hog...and Sophie with a tummy feeling much better after emptying her contents onto Travis!
Angie made it a point to greet and learn the stories of other patients as she shared the joy only a baby can bring. This included my nurse...who the girls curiously eye the absence of a wedding ring on his finger...just in case! Seriously! (kinda cute though!)

I know that this was a lot for Amy to take in. She was brave, and she held tight to the tears she refuses to shed. No matter how old she gets, she is still my baby and there are certain emotions that are unique to that title. I am proud of her..she makes me laugh when I can't find anything to smile about. I adore her.

Sunday was Katie's birthday...a day that she has shared with my father for the last 30 years. It was hard to not feel well enough to cook her birthday meal for her. It's one of those 'mommy things!' It's also one of those many things we daily place in the family box entitled "It's not a big deal." Katie is a big deal..she is my big deal and to walk into her home and see her wearing her cute little apron serving her own birthday dinner was heartwarming. And of course, I couldn't leave this picture of Mitch out...cheesy boi!

Happy Birthday Katie and Grandpa!

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