Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. Because one day you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.~Unknown

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeds of Growth

I work with wonderful people. Daily, I learn lessons of life from them. It was one such lesson that my thoughts have dwelt on lately. With permission, I share the thoughts that have evolved from one of our conversations and the analogy that was drawn. We spoke of the journey that a simple seed takes before it finally arrives at the beauty that brightens the world and spreads joy to the recipients of its' flowering splendor. First, the seed is buried alive under the soil that will ultimately provide the nutrients needed to nourish plant. Then the seed is drowned in the water necessary for growth. Finally, the seed is sorched by the sun until it swells and bursts. Then and only then is the plant conditioned enough to produce the bloom that brightens the garden into which it was planted.

What a wonderful analogy from which to view the trials and difficulties we face in life. Truly, my life right now is that of that simple seed. At times, I feel buried under the emotional toll that I experience as my body undergoes changes. While I know that who I am remains the same, the physical changes have caused me to dig deep below the insecurities that keep me from growing and reaching for my full potential. The process of doing so brings the tears that fall as I search to find the courage to face the challenges that lie before me and as I reach to see myself beyond the worldy messages and see myself through the eyes of my creator. As I am forced to move closer to the hope that will give my experiences meaning to myself and others, I find myself reaching towards the Son..the only one who has the healing power to finally, allow me to see the beauty that lies within. Through this refining process, my heart is full and my awareness to the beauty of others has bloomed and fostered gratitude and love to those around me.

I have learned that this is the case with the trials we face. No matter how dark the night may be..the dawn always follows and with it, the warmth of light to strengthen us and guide through the day. I also know that the trials we experience are tender mercies in and of themselves. It is through the heartaches and disappointments in life the that we are led to the parts of within us that are broken and need to be healed. Often, it is in those broken places that we find the roadblocks that prevent us from reaching our full potential. More importantly, it is when we are in our broken places that we find ourselves reaching upward to the One who has the light that will always us not only to bloom, but to continue blooming and blessing the lives of those around us. As a result, we become more like Him in our ability to love and serve others.

Friday, I will receive my second dose of chemotherapy. It would be dishonest to suggest that I am not fighting a nagging sense of dread for the effects that I now know will follow. There is still that element of the unknown that taunts me. So tonight, I am tightening my grip on the lessons that life has taught me about strength and resilience and faith. And I am holding onto the hope that when it is all said and done...I will bloom.

Gratitude and love always...Cyndi

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