Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. Because one day you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.~Unknown

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week at a glance!

This hat was made for me by my sister Linda who is the most talented, giving person I know. It represents her love for me. It also reminded me of how relaxing crocheting is. As a result, it has become something Angie and I do together. We spent hours this week sharing and reading "how to" instructions, texting pictures when we mastered a task, and exploring a new sense of creativity.

Monday morning made it's greeting with some discouragement that quickly turned to anxiety. My doorbell rang and I was met with the most favorite sound in the world...GRAMMA!!" as little arms wrapped themselves around me. It was Angie, Brylee, and Sophie surprising me with a visit. We spent the day, reading books, crocheting, napping, talking, and the shedding of a few tears. While I rested, Angie did my laundry and cleaned and established ordered in my kitchen. Her intuitiveness, sensitivity, and love for me filled my house and when she sense of well-being was restored and stayed with me for the duration of the week.

Trying on goofy hat with Brylee! Snuggling with Sophie (who typically does not like me!)

I rest my case about Sophie! Ahhhh...
Krystin Widdison following a Breast Cancer awareness event at Weber High...been there, done that, and now I have a t-shirt! What a sweet, charitable, amazing young woman.
Thursday Mitch and I went to see Elder Holland. Our appointment was at 4:15 and we were both excited, yet subdued at the same time as we waiting to be called up to his office. We no sooner sat down when we were notified that Elder Holland had been called to a meeting with President Monson so would be unable to meet with us. Mitch and I had a few fun chuckles about that and left with a new appointment for Friday at 11:00. Mitch took me to dinner, we had a great time and celebrated a late birthday. I have to say that the highlight of the afternoon was when I got out of my car and without hesitation Mitch burst out with "Wow Mom, you look beautiful!"

Friday morning was an amazing experience-the lessons from which will weave themselves through future posts and hopefully filter into your hearts the messages of hope and love that were intensified in me that day. The most tender part was sharing the experience with Mitch who shares with me and my other children the utmost of love and respect for Elder Holland. To have my son lay his hands upon my head and assist Elder Holland in giving me a blessing was priceless. Truly, I am blessed beyond measure.

Friday night was the renewal of a tradition that has been put on hold since I became ill. Sleepovers at grammas have always been a highlight for me. They usually involve dinner at McDonalds, blankets on the floor, popcorn, brownies and pop, and watching shows! Jaxon, Emory, and Bowen were my guests that night. These three truly love each other and care for one another. As we left WalMart, Jaxon without a word, put the groceries in the car, helped Emory in and began buckling Bowen is as I put the cart away. As I got in the car I said "Silly Gramma, I forgot to get the groceries!" Jaxon's reply was "I know Gramma, that's why I carried them out while you pushed the cart." The next morning Emory said the sweetest, heartfelt blessing on the breakfast that in addition to expressing gratitude, included special requests for Heavenly Father to bless both her grammas. For this gramma she asked that I feel good while the yucky medicines for cancer are in me and for her other gramma, to be safe and happy on her mission. She ended her prayer by asking that I have whatever I need to feel good. How can we ever deny the heartfelt innocence of little ones when they communicate with their Father in Heaven.

Sunday was Sophie's day. Steve gave her a tender, heartfelt blessing. That's what I love about Steve. He shares my love for being real, for being genuine, and forgoing the words that distract from the simple, heartfelt feelings of one's heart. Angie bore her testimony in the same manner and my heart could not have been more proud. As I glanced at the rows filled by my children, parents, grandchildren, and sister I realized that these wonderful people represent me and the blessings that give me daily evidence of my Father in Heaven's love for me...and so my heart took a picture. The rest of the pictures depict the rest of the love that my family shares with one another.

At the end of an eventful week scattered with the many emotions that accompany this journey, the words to share the things in my heart are scrambling to become the heartfelt message I hope to share. They encompass the full gamete of my experiences this, hope, service, gratitude have mingled in with the moments of discouragement, despair, fear, and sadness and created understanding within me. Tomorrow, when the sun is shining and I am not so tired, I will give those thoughts expression and share them with friends.
Gratitude and love always...Cyndi


  1. This post made me cry and cry. I think about you and Katie and your family so often. You have such a supportive family that loves you so much! You also have a gift for putting your thoughts down for the rest of us to appreciate. Thanks for letting all of us share in this journey of yours.

  2. I love that picture of Steve and Soph. I need it. I also think you look beautiful when you went to see Elder Holland. Mitch came to my house after and said Angie mom looked so pretty tonight. I love you!!

  3. Why does everyone always take freaky picture of me? Grrr. I love that picture of BoBo. Yesterday was so awesome. Hang in there Mom. Take it one day at a time. Just like you always tell us.

  4. You look absolutely beautiful, Cyndi.