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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week at a Glance...

Mitch received the good news that he had been accept into the Marriot School of Business at BYU and we were all so proud and excited for him...expecially his 'ma'.  Angie, Steve, Brylee, Sophie and I took him to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate.  I am very proud of Mitch.  He is down at BYU without much support from friends and away from family during this tough time for our family.  No matter what is going on with him, he is always positive and able to encourage and support me.  He spends most of his weekends at home just in case I need something.  I love and appreciate him so much!  Go Mutchy!!
 Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter pair of little girls.  Brylee adores Sophie and Sophie is the best baby yet to come into the Tangren/Evans gang!

Angie and Steve just purchased their first home...YAHOO! and I had soooo much fun as Brylee ran through the rooms excitedly showing me the house.  I even have a 'room' there according to Brylee.  How would that be...a daily dose of Brylee.  Aaaah.

Final stop for the day was at the Sweet Tooth Fairy where they make Bylee's favorite cupcake. 
Brylee loves putting on my glasses and wearing them.
Is this the cutest, chubbiest baby you have ever seen?

  I had the special privilege of being invited to lunch on 'Someone Special Lunch' at the charter school by my nephew Burke who I adore.  His sister Morgan invited Gramma and Grandpa so we all felt pretty special.  It was St. Patricks Day and I gotta be honest and say that I struggled some with all the 'green' food but the company made up for it.  I adore my neice and nephew and love that they refer to me as 'Miss Cyndi' rather than Aunt Cyndi...definitely makes me feel special!

Anything for a Friend Meeting with Sophie....and everyone else of course but grandkids always come first!

This is my friend Dylan who is battling a deadly brain tumor at a fund raiser event for him at Sonora Grill.  Amazing how someone can capture your heart in such a powerful, meaningful way in such a short time!

 Ahhh, 'kickin it' with Jaxon, Em, and Bowen who are more savvy on the Ipad than even gramma!

Bowen loves my hats and I love how fun and cute he is in them. He had to have gramma's wristbands too!

 Preparing for one of the most meaningful experiences I think I have ever had.  Hearts were touched, friendships solidified and the spirit of love will stay in the hearts of my family for this special experience.  And....Amy cried!  Love you Dylan!

This has to be the cutest thing ever...Jaxon and Emory decided to make dinner for Katie and Travis.  Yummy...bologna smiley faces!  Only those two could pull something like this off!  I adore them!

Heading into another treatment tomorrow so enjoying feeling like 'me' for one last day.  It's hard to go back into cancer mode but am grateful that there is healing for my body against cancer so that I can look forward to many, many years of being 'me' and all that entails.

Gratitude and Love always...Cyndi

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